Full Moon Orange County Winter Sound Bath Meditation Series 2023-2024

Sound Healing is a shortcut for clearing mental blocks and promoting deep states of relaxation and wellbeing! Join Us!


The full moon is a powerful time of the month (midway through the lunar cycle) to look at where we are in our life journey. During the time of the Full Moon, the ocean water is at it’s peak, and in the same way that the moon affects the tides, it can also have a profound effect on our emotional bodies, bringing our feelings and emotions to the surface to be looked at under the full light of the moon. Join us on the Full Moon and give yourself the gift of quiet reflection during one of the most powerful times each month. The Full Moon energy is potent for about 3 days before the peak of the Full Moon, and for 3 days afterwards, and is a wonderful opportunity to quiet down and tune in to the deep wisdom within.


Sound baths are done for groups of people and are typically about an hour. During this time, listeners lay comfortably on a mat, blanket, or other cushioned surface and relax as they listen to a succession of instruments that are designed to ignite an inner journey. The different sounds help to move listeners into a relaxed state as the harmonic, coherent sounds move through each and every cell of their body.

Some of the instruments used include a planetary sun gong, quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, rain sticks , a buffalo drum, ocean drums, rattles, chimes, bells, and more. The purpose, and our collective goal, is to induce relaxation and some personal exploration and inquiry. The vibrations from the instruments positively affect the body and its meridians, releases blocks, reduces tension, and stimulates circulation. The gong is used in both sound healing and Breathwork and is a fantastic tool to help clear out old patterns, traumas and emotions in order to allow for new energy, manifestations and intentions.

The sound bath experience is about letting go and allowing the sound take you to into a deeper place. Sound is the meditation vessel and it provides an opportunity to more easily drop into a meditative state. A sound bath journey is not only beneficial for beginners of meditation, it is also wonderful for seasoned meditators who will experience just as many benefits by being immersed in coherent, healing sounds.


$40 – $45 Adults / Teens (ages 15 – 18) are $20. They or you can take care of the cost with me at the event and if there is space, a sliding scale is available for those who need it. Please email me privately to inquire.


  • Bring a mat, a pillow if desired, water, an eye mask (we do have some available, but if we are full, there may not be enough), and bring extra layers or a blanket (the body cools down when relaxed).
  • This is approximately a 75-minute experience (laying down on a mat for about 45 minutes) with some breathing and grounding exercises to get the body ready for the sound bath.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start time so you can get situated. Terry often provides some opportunities before class for writing and reflecting.
  • Unless it is right in the beginning of class, no one will be allowed in after the class starts so please come early! We allow for a 5 minute grace period.
  • The sound bath is done laying on a wood floor. We will have some eye masks available (on a first come basis) and some mats/blankets are available at the studio on a first come basis.
  • Dress comfortably and bring appropriate layers.
  • The minimum age is 12
  • There is parking nearby and some space in the lot behind the studio.
  • Refunds will be provided with a 5-day notice minus the Eventbrite fees, or if you need to cancel, you can use your ticket to come to another class.


Terry is a Certified Breathwork and Sound Healing Coach with a passion for helping others heal and grow toward their fullest potential. Terry’s training includes 6 Teacher Training Sound Practitioner Certifications, A Breathwork Certification, a 200 Hour Meditation training, and a current teacher training in Kundalini Yoga. She has also completed a 2 and a half year Associates of Occupational Studies in Sound Healing and Therapy degree.

Terry knows first-hand the challenges and frustrations of those seeking deep emotional healing, for she herself was faced with overcoming trauma and P.T.S.D. at a young age. Terry’s self-healing journey has been extensive and she has used and experimented with many different healing modalities including Mindfulness, Meditation, Sound Healing, Energy work, Nutritional Therapy, Psychotherapy, and she also has a personal background in 12-Step work. She has found the combination of Breathwork, Meditation, and Sound Healing to be the most powerful and effective techniques for deep inner transformation.

Terry’s message to anyone seeking healing and spiritual growth is “Treat yourself with loving-kindness. Healing takes time, dedication, and perseverance, but you WILL see results if you put in the work. Sound and Breathwork together or separately are like fertilizers for healing. These modalities help you connect to the innate healing intelligence of the body. Give them a try and see for yourself!”

Space is limited ~ RSVP to save your spot

I do offer a 3-day refund policy minus the Eventbrite fee, with no exceptions. If you can’t make it for whatever reason and you do not let me know 3 days in advance, you can use your ticket at my next class. Please email me if there is a problem and we will get you signed up for my next event.

The event is finished.


Mar 30 2024


7:00 pm

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The Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio 505 West First Street Tustin, CA 92780 United States


Terry Silberstein from The Art of Sound Healing
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