About the Team


Corbin is a sound healer whose journey into spiritual awakening began during his time in the United States Navy, stationed in Yuma, Arizona. This profound experience opened his eyes to a deeper understanding of spirituality beyond conventional religious teachings.

Over the past four years, Corbin has dedicated himself to the study and practice of sound healing, traveling from Arizona to California to deepen his expertise. He now offers personalized sound healing sessions aimed at awakening the senses, restoring balance, and nurturing well-being.

Corbin’s sessions are designed to help individuals embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and healing, encouraging them to explore and grow in their personal and spiritual lives.


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Take a Class

Virtual or live, in-person sound baths and other similar classes are offered for individuals, couples or groups of people and are typically about 60 minutes. The different sounds and instruments help to move the listener into a relaxed state as the harmonic, coherent frequencies move through each and every cell to help calm, renew and relax the mind, body and spirit.

Corporate Events

Enjoy a customized virtual or live, in-person event or class for your employees, students or attendees! You can choose from a range of alternative modalities such as a virtual or live in-person sound bath, guided meditation, breathwork or even a Kundalini yoga class. We can create an individualized event or class based specifically on the needs of your team.

Private Sessions, Parties & Events

Do you want to have a life-changing experience with your friends and/or family? Our unique programs can be customized to include a virtual or live, in-person sound bath, breathwork, meditation or even kundalini yoga and stretching class or event. We even help create amazing celebrations with a virtual or live, in-person host that your loved ones will never forget.