About the Founder


Terry is a Certified Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Coach, and Sound Healing Practitioner with a passion for helping others heal and grow to their fullest potential.

Her training includes six different Sound Healing Practitioner Certifications, a Breathwork Training Certification, a 200-hour Meditation Training, a 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, a Women’s Circle Facilitator Certification as well as a Biofield Tuning Practitioner Certification.  Most recently Terry is completing an Associates degree in Sound Healing through the Global Institute of Sound in San Francisco.

Terry knows first-hand the challenges and frustrations of those seeking deep emotional healing, because she herself was faced with overcoming trauma and PTSD at a young age.

Her self-healing journey has been extensive, and she has used different healing modalities including Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing, Energy Work, Nutritional Therapy, Psychotherapy, and the wonderful 12 step program work to overcome an eating disorder that plagued her through high school and college.

She has personally found that the combination of Breathwork, Sound Healing,  Meditation and Yoga have been the most powerful and efficient tools for her own deep inner transformation.

“To love is to be there. We cannot love if we are not fully breathing into each moment. May we have the courage to open to each moment with a sense of curiosity. May we have the desire to show up for ourselves no matter what.

May we put our hands on our hearts and speak in a gentle voice, Dear One, I am here for you. Dear One, I am here for you. Dear One, I am here for you. All my love.”



Terry encourages those seeking healing to practice loving kindness and persistence, promising that dedication to Breathwork and Sound Healing will yield results. These techniques foster a connection to your body’s natural healing abilities. Try them and experience their benefits firsthand.

In sound healing, we dive into an inner journey of space, consciousness, and vibration. Like deep meditation, the sounds allow the logical mind to recede, making way for dream-like visions and profound insights. Terry remains inspired by the transformative stories shared by participants after her classes.